Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Arts leadership project

For the arts leadership project, I have helped Sarah on a blog based around the TV show Pretty Little Liars. For the blog, I found her a nice, clean background which can be seen on this blog:

For Sarah's project, you could say I am the leader of digital imaging, as it is/was my responsibility to provide the background/theme for her Tumblr blog.

To carry this out, I simply searched "Clean Tumblr themes" on Google and looked on sites until I found a good enough theme for the blog that was very simple yet looked so good. For the digital imaging part of the project I just have to found images, backgrounds, etc. if needed.

Other people involved are Sarah, Kieren and Nicole.


  • Sarah had asked me to find her a theme for her Pretty Little Liars Tumblr blog.
  • After she asked, I took to finding specifically a PLL theme for the blog but I couldn't so I just found a clean, simple, nice looking theme.
  • I then searched Google for the theme and found it on a site.
  • Lastly, I copy and pasted the HTML code to Sarah to present the theme on her blog.
No copyright was presented on the theme considering anyone can just get the code for it.  

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